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Trina V. Jeffrie (IS) Sister Cantaloupe Un-Wrapped


For those who love Sister Cantaloupe you may book her to come to your churches, banquets, theaters, birthday celebrations and ect… and now you may book her un-wrapp!  What is Un-wrapp? Well I’m glad you asked. This means that Sister Cantaloupe will take off the costume and performing as just (Trina). Yes that’s right!! I will come from behind the mask and letting you peek into the real world of where the comedy is coming from, meaning (me) Trina V. Jeffrie. Why, you ask?  I know some of you may (need) the costume and I will give it to you and bring the funny just as hard as ever before.  But, there are some of you may want to (know) who I am under the costume.  There (is) a real person under here.  Some have stated that sometime the costume is too much for T.V. or your shows and you may just need (Me) to be me.  Or you just need me to MC, now that’s a job for (Trina).


As you know, I have the talent to make you laugh your socks off. But, there are many other hidden talents that have been lying dormant that the Lord has awaking in me. What is that? Well I’m glad you ask! Lol


I have a passion not only to do comedy or act in Movies, Play’s, and sit-comes.  I am exploring my passion to Direct.  Trina… did you say Direct? Yes I said Direct.  Now…of course I have directed my own one women shows, skits, plays and Independent films that where written by me; it’s all on my Bio (read it…lol)  But this year I have ventured out to direct (your) yes your plays, movies ect.

I just finished directing a national touring play for a wonderful Play-writer and that’s just the start of it.  I am also venturing  out and while living in Dallas, flying back and forth to Los Angeles California and Atlanta Georgia to auditions for other Movies, plays and sit-comes so look for me on your T.V. screen, Movie screen and yes even your Boot-leg screen…lol.  Please Pray for me. Yes, I am still traveling and performing stand-up as Sister Cantaloupe and now as (Trina Jeffrie) without the costume; Un-wrapp. I just wanted to inform ya’ll on the other ventures that you may book me for as well.


Blessings to you all and your family’s!  Keep ya girl up N-prayer!

Trina Jeffrie Gospel Comedy

Legend Award Honoree

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